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Adding Some Greenery

Adding Some Greenery


It may seem like home offices today are a relatively new concept, but in actuality, people have been utilizing these spaces to get away with their work for centuries. Whether it’s creating an area above a shop or taking over a corner of a room, adding greenery to refresh your home office is a timeless way to transform your home office experience.

Not only do plants lend an attractive, peaceful atmosphere, but they also can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Research has repeatedly shown how plants can reduce mental fatigue and increase concentration. So, if you’re feeling a little too sedentary in your home office, this could be a great way to inject some life and energy into your workspace.

Putting green plants in your home office can also have a positive effect on your psychological wellbeing. Even simply looking at plants can reduce stress, decrease anxiety, and boost creativity and productivity. In addition, plants also have the added benefit of increasing oxygen levels in a room and removing toxins from the air.

But it isn’t just humans and other living things that can benefit from plants. Home offices tend to lack a certain amount of sound absorption which can ruin any chance of truly focusing; however, plants can actually work to dampen high frequencies, leading to an equilibrium that is easier on your ears and less stressful on your mind.

Adding Some Greenery

Tips For Adding Greenery to Refresh Your Home Office

Adding greenery to your home office can be tricky; however, if done right, it can make all the difference in creating a productive and stress-free workspace. Here are some tips that can help you on your journey:

1. Choose the Right Plants

When picking plants, it’s important to take into consideration everything from your life style to your space and light situation. For example, plants like succulents and cacti are a great way to add greenery to any room, as they require minimal maintenance, need little water, and don’t need a lot of natural light.

Alternatively, if you have a bigger space, larger plants like rubber trees, snake plants, and pothos all make great additions to a home office and can add a more tranquil atmosphere.

2. Make Sure to Do Your Research

It’s important to make sure you are doing your research when considering adding greenery to your home office. Depending on the type of plant, they may require daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance to keep them looking healthy and vibrant. Additionally, certain types of plants can become toxic to some animals and people, so it’s important to make sure you are aware of which plants you are bringing into your home office.

3. Pay Attention to Placement

Once you have found the perfect plants for your home office, it’s time to start thinking about where you’re going to place them. Depending on the size of your office, you may have to think outside of the box to find the perfect place for your plant.

Try to have multiple plants placed throughout the room so you can have a nice mix of color, shape, and texture. Additionally, they should be placed at the right distance from your computer, in order to avoid any possible glare.

4. For Extra Comfort, Add a Plant Stand

Lastly, if you really want to take your home office greenery to the next level, why not add a plant stand to showcase your plants? Plant stands can come in many different styles, from minimal and modern, to classic and traditional. Whatever you choose, these stands can add a new level of style to your home office and also make it easier to move plants around should you need to.

Adding greenery to your home office is a great way to create a more productive, tranquil, and energized working environment. Not only do plants lend an attractive, peaceful atmosphere, but they also can do wonders for your mental and physical health. With the right plants, a little research, and a plant stand, you can easily make your home office come to life.

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