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Embracing Airy Window Treatments

Embracing Airy Window Treatments


Windows can be an important source of bringing in light into your home, but sometimes the treatments that you choose can limit the amount of available light. Whether it is to add privacy or protect your furniture and floors from fading, window treatments are a must-have, but it doesn’t mean you must limit the amount of natural light that enters your home. You can still preserve the precious light by embracing airy window treatments.

Embracing Airy Window Treatments

Know Your Options

Before you go out shopping for window treatments, you should know the available options first. That way, you can make an informed decision to decide which window treatment is best for your home.

One of the light filtering solutions is sheer curtains. Sheer curtains are lightweight and let in a soft light, while still providing some privacy. On the other hand, if you need more privacy and light control, then opt for a combination of light filtering curtains and blackout curtains.

If you prefer to not have any fabric on your windows, then consider using wood or faux wood plantation shutters. The slats can be adjusted to let in some light while still keeping the room private. You can also consider non-slatted blinds, like aluminum blinds or woven wood shades. Both are easy to clean and offer light control without completely blocking the light.

Also, don’t forget about valances and cornices. Cornices are similar to shutters in the way that they are fixed, box-like boxes that can be made from all kinds of materials, from wood to metal. Valances and swags, on the other hand, hang from a rod above the window, usually soft fabric that it is usually box or scallop-shaped at the bottom. Valances and swags are perfect for softening the feel of the window and add some decorative flair.

What Material?

Just like any other window treatment, airy treatments can also be made of various materials, such as wood, metal and fabric. Choose materials that are lightweight, as this will help in keeping the airiness of the treatment.

The color and finish of the materials should also be taken into consideration. Darker shades are better for privacy and light control, while lighter shades are perfect for creating a bright, airy feel.

Create Balance

Now that you have made your decisions on the type of window treatment and the material, it is time to think of balance. For instance, if the window is low, then consider opting for floor-to-ceiling window treatments, or use wallpapers or wall decals around the window to extend the height of the window.

On the other hand, if you have a high window, then opt for a low window treatment to make the window look more balanced. You can also consider hanging a sheer curtain just below the window and use a heavier, more structured valance over the window for balance.

Style Matters!

The style of the room is just as important as the style of the window treatments. Choose window treatments that fit the style of the room, such as coastal style if you have a beach house or cottage style if you have a rustic home.

Also, when choosing the style of the window treatments, try to choose ones that have an airy feel and are light and airy. That way, it will help to draw more air and light into the room.

Make It a Part of the Decor

The window treatments should not be seen as a purely utilitarian element. They can be used in a way that will enhance the decor and style of the room. You can choose window treatments that are patterned or textured, or ones that have complementary colors to the room to make it part of the decor.

In addition, consider using tiebacks or holdbacks to pull the curtains back and add more visual interest. A decorative rod or a tassel can also be used to enhance the airy feel of the window treatments.

Accessorize with Color

If you want to add more color and texture without adding heavy treatments, then consider using accent colors to accessorize the treatments. You can begin with a neutral base and then add bright pops of colors with throw pillows, artwork, or other decorative elements to brighten up the room and provide it with more light.

Texture Is the key

Finally, you can embrace airy window treatments by adding texture. Different types of fabrics, such as linen,suede, velvet or sheer and gauzy materials, can add texture and also add a visual impact. You can play around with prints, colors, weavestyle and patterns, as well as texture of the fabric, to make the window treatments look inviting and airy.

Using airy window treatments can be a great way to bring in natural light into the room without sacrificing privacy and insulation. These treatments are also stylish, allowing you to choose the right material, style, and colors to match the décor of the room. Plus, they help keep the room bright and inviting. So, if you are looking to brighten up the room and capitalize on natural light, then embracing airy window treatments can be a great solution.

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