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Hang Mirrors on Dark Walls

Hang Mirrors on Dark Walls

Wall mirrors are not only decorations. They can be used to reflect light and create an illuminated space. Hanging them on darker walls can create a dramatic effect and make a room look bigger.

However, adding soft lighting to the mirror is important. It can give the walls a warm, inviting feel. Here are some simple tips on how to hang mirrors on dark walls and make the most of the effect with the right amount of soft lighting.

Hang Mirrors on Dark Walls

1. Choose the Right Spot

Choosing the right spot for hanging the mirror is essential. When deciding on the wall and placement, consider the available natural light and the things you want to reflect. To best capture the light and expand perceived space, hang the mirror across from a window, front door, or any other light source.

2. Hang the Mirror

To hang the mirror, use an adhesive product specifically made for wall mirrors. If possible, have a second person to help. Place the mirror at the desired height, then mark the spot on the wall where it should be hung. Make as many marks on the wall as necessary.

After marking the spot, prepare the adhesive, then place the mirror in the right spot. Press down hard to ensure that the adhesive bonds to the wall.

3. Secure the Mirror

Secure the mirror with picture frames. If the mirror is heavy, use two or more frames for maximum support. Make sure that the frames are positioned straight to prevent them from bending or leaning.

4. Add Soft Lighting

Adding soft lighting to the mirrored wall will make it look brighter and more inviting.LED strip lighting is an excellent choice as it is highly efficient and can be cut in custom lengths. Place them behind the wall mirrors or against the wall at a lower height for an impressive illuminating effect.

When installing the LED strip lighting, make sure it is safe and secure. If the wall is sensitive to heat, use adhesive tape to attach the lighting strips. You may also opt to put the lighting strips on top of the wall instead.

5. Use Candles or Tea Lights

Candles are one of the most popular ways to add a soft and inviting ambience to an interior room. If you want to keep the space as safe and hazard-free as possible, consider using tea lights. Place them in a row or pattern above the mirror.

You may also add LED candle lights or LED votives to the space for the same effect. LED candle lights have a life of up to 1000 hours and do not require any batteries.

6. Install Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a good way to add ambient lighting to dark walls. They come in various shapes and styles with options for both indoor and outdoor installation. When installing sconces, make sure that they are not too close to the mirror, to avoid any glare coming out of the mirror.

7. Use Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can create a cozy atmosphere in rooms with dark walls. Choose accent lighting that can be adjusted to different colors and tone, so you can easily switch the ambience from day to night. Accent lighting can be a great addition to mirrored walls, and it is relatively easy to install.

Hanging mirrors on dark walls and adding soft lighting can create a beautiful and inviting ambience in any space. With the right placement and accessories, you can create a dramatic and cozy effect that will surely be loved by guests and visitors. Have fun experimenting with different lighting concepts and be sure to provide adequate lighting for the space.

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