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Relying Upon Rugs and Carpets

Relying Upon Rugs and Carpets

The floor coverings of your home can easily be overlooked as it is something that is not thought about often and rather taken for granted. Not only do floor coverings have a purpose, such as insulation and a comfortable area to walk, but they can also add a sense of comfort and luxury to any room. A great way to make a huge impact on this underexposed surface is by choosing to incorporate rugs and carpets into a room, creating warmth and comfort to your home.

Relying Upon Rugs and Carpets

Why Relying on Rugs and Carpets?

Rugs and carpets have been around for centuries, as they have always been a great way to complete a room and make it more inviting. For many people, once they come home after a long day of work or school, the first thing their feet subconsciously seek out is a rug or carpet to sink into. Not only do they want to feel instantly comfortable but also be surrounded by elements of their home that make them feel warm and secure.

Apart from a comfort factor, rugs and carpets help to quickly break up a room and create a more stylish flow throughout space. For example, if a room’s walls are the same colour, placing different rugs in each space can easily create the opportunity to add interesting elements which ultimately become the focus of any area. In terms of carpets, by placing larger area sizes beneath furniture, it can be much easier to define a space and immediately create a cozier feel in a room.

Rugs in Different Areas of the Home

If adding a feeling of warmth with rugs and carpets is your main objective in any room, it is important to consider how you plan to use the space when deciding which type of floor coverings to choose. For example, in an area such as the living room, it is important to opt for a rug or carpet which highlights the colour scheme of the entire furniture arrangement, as well as the colour of the walls.

Of course, depending on the layout of each room, it is possible to use different rugs throughout the same area. This can be achieved by placing multiple rugs together and having them touching one another. This way, spaces such as entryways and hallways can be transformed with a stylish, trendy look. Another great way to incorporate the use of rugs in your home is to place them in bathroom and walk-in closets. This creates an instant feeling of luxury and comfort, especially in more exposed areas.

The pattern of the rug is also a great way to add a unique look and feel to any space. Plaid or tile shaped rugs are great for creating a more classically traditional look, whereas geometrical or highly textured patterns will provide a more modern, contemporary presence.

Oriental and Persian Rugs

If you are looking for something that is a bit more unique and exuberant, then it is likely that Oriental and Persian rugs will be the best option for your home. These timeless pieces are expertly crafted with vivid colors, intricate designs and detailed patterns, allowing them to stand out as a perfect addition to any room. Not only do they have a great history behind them, but they also serve to instantly elevate the level of sophistication and add a luxurious statement of elegance.

It is important to remember that Oriental and Persian rugs are a bit of a higher investment, however, with the right care and maintenance, they will last for many years and become a treasured part of any home.

Carpets for Any Room

Much like rugs, carpets are also great for providing ambiance and creating an air of comfort and warmth. Carpets made from wool are perfect for homes with pets, as the fibers can easily keep the messes away, while still looking stunning.

In rooms where chairs and tables are moved around frequently, such as a living room or den, it is best to choose a carpet which is designed to be a bit more durable and held together better. This way, it is less likely to suffer from any scrapes and scuffs which can occur when furniture moves around. In a bedroom space, a more plush and soft option is best, as this will allow you to feel instantly at ease and relaxed when you step foot inside.

Overall Takeaways

In conclusion, there are a number of different ways to use rugs and carpets in order to instantly make your home look and feel much more inviting and warm. Although there are some higher investments involved, the long-term effects will be more than worth it for the luxury and increased comfort in any room.

Selecting the right type of floor coverings for your room can be a fun exercise, as there are so many patterns and textures to choose from. Although it can be a daunting task, no room should be left undecorated. Rugs and carpets are the perfect way to elevate any space and create a comfortable atmosphere in any home.

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